October 22 was a historic day for the people of Kingston.

63% of Kingstonians cast their vote YES in favour of a Ranked Ballot when they head back to the polls in four years. Our city has become the first in Ontario where the people chose to use a ranked ballot through a city-wide referendum.

The mandate from the people of Kingston to City Council is straightforward and clear:

The people of Kingston expect City Council, at their first convening, to pass legislation adopting Ranked Ballots for the 2022 election.

They expect this because they engaged in a vigorous referendum campaign informed up by a City-run awareness effort and grassroots advocacy that demonstrated the democratic spirit of Kingston. Both advocates and detractors of this choice have had a chance to make their voices heard. At the end of this democratic process, the people’s choice has been made clear, and a clear majority wants Ranked Ballots.

Congratulations to Mayor Bryan Paterson on his re-election. Electors made their decision to move to a ranked ballot informed by Mayor Paterson’s promise to abide by the results of their choice, and we could not agree more with his public statements that the results of the referendum “would be binding in a political sense” (CBC News Sept 3/18).

Finally, this change enjoys support from local leaders representing the major political parties; Ranked Ballots are supported by the previous candidates for MP for Kingston and The Islands from the Liberal, NDP and Conservative Parties. It goes without saying that this is a rare political idea that enjoys broad cross-partisan support.

At the YES Kingston campaign, we are thrilled. Democratic reform is coming to Canada, and we are proud Kingston has chosen to be a leader in this necessary and inevitable innovation. As we update our electoral systems to respond to the demands of a 21st century electorate, our team remains committed to the serious work of preparing Kingstonians to vote in a new way in four years that is inclusive, responsive, fair and friendly!


The YES Kingston Team

Media Contact: Simon Baron,, 613 532 6011


The YES Kingston Team at The Spire for our info session and Sarah Harmer Concert.




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